Professor: Dr. David Marzak
Founder and Director of The Kolbe Foundation

Course Description:

This series represents a collection of all the Greatest Books Video discussions (Goethe, Chesterton, Saint Teresa, Dostoevsky, Plato and Saint Louis Marie de Montfort hosted by Dr. David Marzak and internationally known guests of the Greatest Books.


Topic 1: Plato's Republic with Dr. Richard Geraghty

Plato's Republic Discussion Bks. 1-7 with Dr. Geraghty
Plato's Republic Discussion 2 Problems in the Republic

Topic 2: G. K. Chesterton with Dale Ahlguist

Chesterton's Orthodoxy Discussion
Chesterton's Heretics Discussion

Topic 3: Teresa of Avila with Dr. Ronda Chervin

Teresa of Avila Discussion 1 
Teresa of Avila Discussion 2
Teresa of Avila Discussion 3

Topic 4: Fydor Dostoevsky with Dr. Ronda Chervin

Fydor Dostoevsky Discussion 1
Fydor Dostoevsky Discussion 2

Topic 5 Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

An Introduction by Dr. Ronda Chervin

Topic 5: Saint Louis Marie de Montfort with Rev. Ed Roche SOLT

St. Louis de Montfort Discussion 1

St. Louis de Montfort Discussion 2
St. Louis de Montfort Discussion 3


Jacques Maritain: What is Man
G. K. Chestertom: The Everlasting Man
Arisitotle: Nichomachen Ethics
Confucius: Doctrine of the Mean