Part 1: The Profession of Faith
Section 2: The Credo

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    CHAPTER ONE: - I Believe in God the Father

        Paragraph 1 - "I Believe in God"
            I - I Believe in One God
            II - God Reveals His Name
            III - God, "He Who is", Is Truth and Love
            IV - The Implications of Faith in one God

    Paragraph 2 - The Father
            I - "In the Name of the Father"
            II - The Revelation of God as a Trinity
            III - The Holy Trinity in the Teaching of the faith
            IV - The Divine Works and the Trinitarian Mission

     Paragraph 3 - The Almighty

     Paragraph 4 - The Creator
         I - Catechesis on Creation
            II - Creation - Work of the Holy Trinity
            III - "The World Was Created for the Glory of God"
            IV - The Mystery of Creation
            V - God Carries Out His Plan: Divine Providence

    Paragraph 5 - Heaven and Earth
         I - The Angels
            II - The Visible World

    Paragraph 6 - Man
         I - "In the Image of God"
            II - "Body and Soul but Truly One"
            III - "Male and Female He Created Them"
            IV - Man in Paradise

    Paragraph 7 - The Fall
         I - Where Sin Abounded, Grace Abounded More
            II - The Fall of the Angels
            III - Original Sin
            IV - "You did not Abandon Him to Power of Death"

     Article Two - "And in Jesus Christ, His Only Son"
            I - Jesus
            II - Christ
            III - The Only Son of God
            IV - Lord

         Article Three - "He Was Conceived the Holy Spirit"

         Paragraph 1 - The Son of God Became Man
            I - Why did the Word Become Flesh?
            II - The Incarnation
            III - True God and True Man
            IV - How is the Son of God Man?

     Paragraph 2 - "Conceived by Power of Holy Spirit"
        I - Conceived by the Power of the Holy Spirit
           II - .... Born of the Virgin Mary

     Paragraph 3 - The Mysteries of Christ's Life
         I - Christ's Whole Life is Mystery
            II - The Mysteries of Jesus' Infancy and Hidden Life
            III - The Mysteries of Jesus' Public Life

     Article Four - "Jesus Christ Suffered Under Pilate,
         Paragraph 1 - Jesus and Israel
            I - Jesus and the Law
            II - Jesus and the Temple
            III - Jesus and Israeli's Faith in the One God

     Paragraph 2 - Jesus Died Crucified
       I - The Trial of Jesus
            II - Christ's Redemptive Death in God's  Plan
            III - Christ Offered Himself to Father for Our Sins

     Paragraph 3 - Jesus Christ was Buried

     Article Five - "He Descended Into Hell"
        Paragraph 1 - Christ Descended Into Hell

     Paragraph 2 - On the Third Day He Rose
        I - The Historical and Transcend ant Event
            II - The Resurrection - a Work of the Holy Trinity
            III - Saving Significance of the Resurrection

        Article Six - "He Ascended Into Heaven

        Article Seven - "From Thence he Will Come Again"
            I - He Will Come Again in Glory
            II - To Judge the Living and the Dead

     Article Eight - "I Believe in the Holy Spirit"
            I - The Joint Mission of the Son and the Spirit
            II - The Name, Titles, and Symbols of the Holy Spirit
            III - God's Spirit and Word
            IV - The Spirit of Christ in the Fullness of Time
            V - The Spirit and the Church in the Last Days

     Article Nine - "I Believe in the Holy Catholic Church"

        Paragraph 1 - The Church in God's Plan
            I - Names and Images of the Church
            II - The Church's Origin, Foundation and Mission
            III - The Mystery of the Church

    Paragraph 2 - The Church
       I - The Church - People of God
            II - The Church - Body of Christ
            III - The Church is the Temple of the  Holy Spirit

    Paragraph 3 - The Church
         I - The Church is one
            II - The Church is Holy
            III - The Church is Catholic
            IV - The Church is Apostolic

     Paragraph 4 - Christ's Faithful
         I - The Hierarchical Constitution of the Church
            II - The Lay Faithful
            III - The Consecrated Life

     Paragraph 5 - The Communion of Saints
         I - Communion  in the Spiritual Goods
            II - The Communion of the church

     Paragraph 6 - Mary, Mother of Christ and of Church
            I - Mary's Motherhood With Regard to the Church
            II - Devotion to The Blessed Virgin
            III - Mary - Eschatological Icon of the Church

     Article Ten - "I Believe in the Forgiveness of Sins"
            I - One Baptism for the Forgiveness of Sins
            II - The Power of the Keys 
     Article Eleven - "I Believe in the Resurrection "
            I - Christ's Resurrection and Ours
            II - Dying in Christ Jesus
     Article Twelve - "I Believe in life Everlasting"
            I - The Particular Judgment
            II - Heaven
            III - The Final Purification, or Purgatory
            IV - Hell
            V - The Last Judgment
            VI - The Hope of the New Heaven and the New Earth