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THE KOLBE FOUNDATION was incorporated in 1997 as a 501 (c)(3) non-profit educational foundation committed to integral education and to a new humanism necessary for economic, political, and social renewal.


VISION STATEMENT: Integral Education for a New Man and a New Humanity



To contribute to the renewal of Christian Civilization by

  1. Cultivating a love of learning for its own sake and a life-long pursuit of ever deepening knowledge and understanding of the truth of Christian Faith manifest in its various aspects throughout the entire curriculum.

  2. Providing higher education in the liberal arts and humanities that promotes development of the intellectual skills of thinking and communicating that will serve students in both the speculative and practical pursuits of their lives.

  3. Developing and implementing a well ordered and integrated curriculum oriented to truths grasped by faith and reason expressed in the various arts and sciences with special reference to their expression in the Greatest Books of Christian Civilization.

  4. Educating lay men and women (and participating clergy) for the work of social renewal by developing and providing educational centers, houses of study, and other educational institutions for integral study in theology, anthropology, psychology, sociology, and integral methodology.

  5. Teaching, above all else, the theoretical principles and conclusions of Christian social doctrine and their practical application thereby contributing to social renewal congruent with the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart as promised by the "Mother of God" at Fatima and in preparation for its centennial celebration.


By new man, we mean each individual person formed to the image of God and cognizant of this dignity. A new man is one who is in communion with others because he is first in communion with God and himself. He is fully aware of his vast human potential and has respect for the freedom to develop this potential in a lifelong pursuit of happiness.

A new man is a loving person who has knowledge and understanding of his human nature. This knowledge begins with his anatomical structure and physiological processes. He masters and enjoys the experience of his emotional life and understands the relationship it has to his mental and spiritual life. He is aware of his powers for memory, imagination, rational thought and the volition of his will. He understands the interiorization of culture and socio-cultural development as well as the need for political participation as fundamental parts of personal human development.

Above all, a new man is cognizant of the mystery of the Trinitarian image and likeness he bears in body and soul, which constitute the ontological root and basis of all that he chooses to do and become. Chief among these choices is the internal actualization of his own human potential and the congruent external development of the social/cultural structures and norms that promote his own authentic human development and that of others with whom he must participate to achieve his actualization and that of the greater social body of which he is an integral part.

In short, a new man is an integral being composed of physical, emotional, moral, intellectual, spiritual, volitional, socio-cultural, political and aesthetic potentials each requiring proper nourishment and proper symbiotic balance as a synergistic whole appreciative of, and properly equipped for, his freedom to pursue happiness.


A new man cannot be developed in isolation from fellow human beings. The two, new man and new humanity, are inconceivable as separate entities. The Trinitarian mystery of human nature requires that the individual and communal aspects of human being be considered and developed together as an ontological fact, the fundamental datum, of human existence. Thus, a new humanity connotes all that is personally internal considered in nexus with all that is external, that is the political, economic and social structures as well as the cultural values, ideas, and beliefs that together with the former are summed up in the word "civilization" .

A new humanity is a diverse, albeit flawed, global community united in jutice, love, knowledge, understanding and wisdom thereby providing, as best as possible, the political and economic means necessary for authentic human development. .


Integral education endeavors to understand and contribute to the unfolding of human potential and authentic human development including its intellectual, moral, physical, cultural, social, aesthetic, and spiritual dimensions.

Integral education also implies the use of an integral methodology that synthesizes faith and reason resulting in a broad ordering and integral cooperation among the disciplines to achieve the synergistic benefits of a unified whole distinct from partial benefits when the disciplines are separated and research conducted piecemeal.

Since the Kolbe Foundation is primarily involved with online education, the use of the term "integral education" is temporarily limited to the second benefit. Our approach to educational questions about the cosmos, about nature, about God and about man proceed from the integral cooperation of empirical science, philosophical reason, and revealed theological principles of faith.



Founder and Director

Dr. David John Paul Marzak
Curriculum Vitae

Episcopal Advisor

His Excellency, 
The Most Reverend  Robert J. Baker D.D.
Bishop of the Diocese of Birmingham, Alabama


Corporate Secretary

Mrs. Lisa Marzak
Corpus Christi, Texas

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Dr. James Sund
Raleigh, North Carolina


Assistant Director

Michael Stephen Marzak
Corpus Christi, Texas



Mentor and Senior Advisor in Memorium

Dr. James Wattenbarger  
Architect Florida Community   
College System; Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus, University of Florida



Rev. Mr. Timothy Reid  
Senior Diocesan Director 
for Ecumenical Relations   
Diocese of Amarillo, Texas



Mr. Michael Somborski
Military Attaché
United States Embassy
Kiev, Ukraine


Mr. Gregory Marzak
Civil Engineer

Student Volunteers

David J. P. Marzak Jr.
Mary L. Marzak






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