Blessed John Henry Newman - Vladimir Soloviev - Jacques Maritain


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PHIL 2123 (3)

With the collapse of the medieval synthesis and the passing of the Catholic Reformation, a new modern culture was born out of the Enlightenment enhanced and expanded by various continental and then international revolutions. These intellectual tidal waves set in motion many cultural, spiritual and political forces opposed to any further expansion of Christendom. The response varied from place to place, but in general three of the greatest intellectual lights of Christendom helped kept the flame burning during the modern era in Europe, in the United States, and elsewhere. Any serious thinker, sacred or secular, knows the names of these men and has perhaps encountered the various ideas that came from their pens in the eclectic fields of education, politics, metaphysics, psychology, literature and art all with a philosophic treatment that is constructive, intellectual, powerful, positive and often very humorous.

It is the goal of this course to study their thinking and to begin the process of dialectical encounter of the various opponents of Christian philosophy whose ideas they wrestled with in their writings and in their lives. [Prerequisite: freshman philosophy 1233].



Vladimir Soloviev: Selected Texts
Blessed John Cardinal Newman:Selected Texts
Jacques Maritain: Selected Texts