Thomas Hobbes



CHAPTER I: of sense  
CHAPTER II: of imagination  
CHAPTER III: of the consequence or train of imaginations  
CHAPTER IV: of speech  
CHAPTER V: of reason and science  
CHAPTER VI: of the interior beginnings of voluntary motions, commonly called the passions; and the speeches by which they are expressed  
CHAPTER VII: of the ends or resolutions of discourse  
CHAPTER VIII: of the virtues commonly called intellectual; and their contrary defects  
CHAPTER IX: of the several subject of knowledge  
CHAPTER X: of power, worth, dignity, honour and worthiness  
CHAPTER XI: of the difference of manners  
CHAPTER XII: of religion  
CHAPTER XIII: of the natural condition of mankind as concerning their felicity and misery  
CHAPTER XIV: of the first and second natural laws, and of contracts  
CHAPTER XV: of other laws of nature  
CHAPTER XVI: of persons, authors, and things personated  

THE SECOND PART: Of Commonwealth  

CHAPTER XVII: of the causes, generation, and definition of a Commonwealth  
CHAPTER XVIII: of the rights of sovereigns by institution  
CHAPTER XIX: of the several kinds of Commonwealth by institution, and of succession to the sovereign power  
CHAPTER XX: of dominion paternal and despotical  
CHAPTER XXI: of the liberty of subjects  
CHAPTER XXII: of systems subject political and private  
CHAPTER XXIII: of the public ministers of sovereign power  
CHAPTER XXIV: of the nutrition and procreation of a commonwealth  
CHAPTER XXV: of counsel  
CHAPTER XXVI: of civil laws  
CHAPTER XXVII: of crimes, excuses, and extenuations  
CHAPTER XXVIII: of punishments and rewards  
CHAPTER XXIX: of those things that weaken or tend to the dissolution of a commonwealth  
CHAPTER XXX: of the office of the sovereign representative  
CHAPTER XXXI: of the kingdom of God by nature  

THE THIRD PART: Of a Christian Commonwealth  

CHAPTER XXXII: of the principles of Christian politics  
CHAPTER XXXIII: of the number, antiquity, scope, authority, and interpreters of the Books of Holy Scripture  
CHAPTER XXXIV: of the signification of spirit, angel, and inspiration in the Books of Holy Scripture  
CHAPTER XXXV: of the signification in Scripture of Kingdom of God, of Holy, Sacred, and Sacrament  
CHAPTER XXXVI: of the Word of God, and of prophets  
CHAPTER XXXVII: of miracles and their use  
CHAPTER XXXVIII: of the signification in Scripture of eternal life, hell, salvation, the world to come, and redemption  
CHAPTER XXXIX: of the signification in Scripture of the Word Church  
CHAPTER XL: of the rights of the Kingdom of God, in Abraham, Moses, the high priests, and the Kings of Judah  
CHAPTER XLI: of the office of Our Blessed Saviour  
CHAPTER XLII: of power ecclesiastical  
CHAPTER XLIII: of what is necessary for a man's reception into the Kingdom of Heaven  

THE FOURTH PART: Of the Kingdom of Darkness  

CHAPTER XLIV: of spiritual darkness from misinterpretation of scripture  
CHAPTER XLV: of demonology and other relics of the religion of the gentiles  
CHAPTER XLVI: of darkness from vain philosophy and fabulous traditions  
CHAPTER XLVII: of the benefit that proceedeth from such darkness, and to whom it accrueth