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Prerequisite: None this is the first foundational social science course followed in proper oder by psychology, ethics and then politics and the various other social sciences.

Course Description: (Two Week Video Class)

THE SOCIAL SCIENCES have long been dominated by an empirical descriptive methodology limited to observable phenomena. This has been both a strength and a weakness. Since all the social sciences are also human sciences, they should better reflect man whom they endeavor to know and to serve. This is becoming more and more apparent as avant-garde social scientists disillusioned by the limits of a strictly empirical approach increasingly include a spiritual dimension in their research.

Since man is a composite of body and soul and society is a human construct, an integral methodology uniting empirical and philosophical dimensions as well as a theological one, seems apropos. The body can be studied under a microscope but the soul cannot.  For this reason, it has been ignored to the detriment of both the social sciences and of humanity whom these sciences are intended to benefit. Thus, in this course, we will study science, philosophy, and religion as diverse ways human beings have endeavored to understand themselves and the world they live in.

We will explore the unique founding principle of each; their approach to man, the world, and the cosmos; their varying limits and the divergent contributions that each can make in their own domain and the integral contribution that they can make when properly cooperating.



What is Political Science: Grasping the Big Picture: Politics, Ethics, Psychology, and the Liberal Arts

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Topic 1: Lecture I.  Overview of Political Science (Sample Free)

Topic 1: Lecture II. How do Human Beings Know: Religion, Science, and Philosophy?

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Topic 1: Lecture III. The Scientific Method

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Topic 1: Lecture IV, Discussion.


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Integral Methodology - Philosophy, Science, and Religion

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