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POL 1133: GATEWAY TO Politics and Christian Civilization (3)

The study of the human person is the proper starting point for the study of the social question. (Pope John Paul II)

Next to the question about the Being of God, the question who is man is the most fundamental question any human being can ask. It is also the correct starting point for the study of all the social sciences and as such is the first focus of thuis course.

As an introduction to Christian social science, politics and law, the Gateway also introduces students to the study of ethics, (study of human potential) succeeded by an overview of politics consisting of an analysis of the purpose and functions of government, an analysis of the best structure and form of government (democracy, aristocracy, monarchy etc) and the relationship between politics and religion from the perennial Greek perspective.

The course concludes with a study of Jewish Law and politics derived from Old Testament revelation, which marks the beginnings of Christendom foreshadowed in Judaism. Anyone interested in building the new should first master what was done in the old. It is necessary for all who are being called to be "architects of a new humanity".



Aquinas:Treatise on Man (excerpts)
Aquinas: Treatise on Law from Summa
Aquinas: On Kingship - De regno (excerpts)
Aristotles: The Soul (excerpts)
Aristotle: Nichomachean Ethics
Aristotle Politics: (excerpts)
Jacques Maritain: What is Man
G. K. Chesterton: Everlasting Man (excerpts)
Wojtoyla: The Acting Person (excerpts)

Required Text: Dr. Marzak: Trintarian Humanism